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10 negative effects of technology on education and individual wellbeing

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According to research among the 10 negative effects of technology on students and learning, it revealed that 90% of students spent most of their time on social media instead of learning. In discussing this trend among students , Mr Olaoluwa a student of Griffith College Dublin, said that technology is quite impactful on education, but its negativity is really affecting the younger ones.

He explained that As much as I believe in technology, the negative impact must be checked whenever the internet is explored. while using iPad or computer, there are distractions from social media that affect studies, also using the laptop for a long period of time can affect posture and cause back pain. The eyes is affected as well because of continuous exposure to the gadgets”.

said Olaoluwa

Photo by Andre Piacquadio for Pexels

Overdependency on technology educationally has caused a lot of damage to students and teachers, and it has become a habit that needs to be checked to avoid unresolved damage.

Many times, the love and continuous usage of some gadgets make people forget they are getting attached in the usage, without caution.

 A study conducted by Rideout, Vandewater, & Wartella, 2003, through a telephone survey shows that. On than 1,000 parents of children ages 6 months through 6 years, conducted in Spring 2003. The most significant findings cited in the study are as follows:

1 Children six and under spend an average of 2 hours daily with screen media, mostly TV and videos.

2 TV watching begins at very early ages, well before the medical community recommends.

3 A high proportion of very young children are using new digital media, including 50 percent of 4- to 6-year-olds who have played video games and 70 percent who have used computers.

Analysing these statistics above, There are ten effects that will be discussed, among numerous, which should be looked out for. These are as follows:

1. Technology kills creativity

Many students do not believe in personal creativity anymore because google can solve all issues. This promotes laziness and less development in critical thinking, which gives success in life.

video from YouTube for Michael Leung on negative effect of technology on creativity

2. Individual social skills are affected by technology

Most students take technological gadgets as a companion and so do not interact physically. This affects and reduces their social skills; a physical relationship is key to socialization.

3. Technology gadgets distract students’ attention

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When students use technology to study, they can be easily distracted by feeds and notifications that pop out regularly. Around the world students are using modern technology gadgets for studying. And most students divert their attention to social media, which disturbs their learning attention.

4. Wrong information misguides the students

Most website owners only want traffic on their website or blog, so they give pieces of information that could misguide students. This unverified information gives students wrong ideas which affect their education.

5. It creates an avenue for cheating

Many students who have the opportunity to go into the exam hall with their iPad or phone, do engage in examination malpractices. Smartphones with the internet can give room to search the web and get answers to some questions during exams.

6. E- book replacing physical books

When making use of content written online it is called E-book, this has replaced physical textbooks. And when a student’s computer does not support the version of the eBook, such students might be restricted to get the physical book. This can affect the learning process.

7. Extinction of good handwriting

Most students now rely on typing on the computer, without putting any effort into their handwriting. This practice has reduced the use of pen and paper to write notes or get their assignment done. Handwriting is now less important and making it legible is no more priority.

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8. Technology causes mental and cognitive disorders

Many times, students who engage in so much usage of technological gadgets tend to suffer some mental and cognitive disorders. This abuse can make them get addicted to internet usage, and cause digital dementia, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. All this affects mental well-being over time and if not checked can cause further damage to students’ future.

video from YouTube for Drug banks on negative effect of technology on physical health

Physical health effect

Continuous usage of computers causes some physical disorders like eye strain, bad posture, and sleeplessness. When a person sits before a laptop or computer for a long time, it means he or she will resolve to take snacks, stay awake more at night, and taking less exercise. This can result in diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

photo by Andre Piacquadio for Pixels

10. Cyberbullying

When exposed too much to the internet, it can lead to cyberbullying. Teenagers who are vulnerable get abused by people who use the Internet to send messages containing nudity and crime. This makes them exposed and put them in danger.

photo by Andre Piacquadio for pexels

All these problems or adverse effects must be checked by parents or guidance to make a child a better person.

In putting in some checks and balances parents can make use of   a control app which can assist in safeguarding, protecting and controlling students usage of the technological gadgets.

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6 Responses

  1. Waoh! This is so impactful. Revealing the effects of technology (positively and negatively) Thank you ma!

  2. People/students no longer believe in manual ways of getting things done rather they depend solely on technological devices.

  3. Knowing very well that technology has virtually help everyone one of us on how to solve problems easily, so much in the aspect of making research about what seems difficult, and even about past events. It’s also served negatively to our generation such that nobody wants to use their potentials to solve even real life problems.

  4. The role technology played in each person’s life is a reputable one. But our generations are misusing it. What seems to be done with mere thinking would be taken to internet just because we don’t want to be stressed.

  5. Verbal and effective communication has grossly become limited due to engrossed use of technological devices, this in itself has become an obsession among the young folks.
    Nice piece you got here

  6. There’s always two sides to a coin.
    This is so impactful, it gives more insight on the harm that technology than it’s benefit.

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