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10 Jobs More Deserving Of Awards Than The Oscar Winners

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Incredible. Brave. Powerful. Inspirational. Monumental. Fearless. These are just some of the words commonly used to describe the most noble professions in the world. For most, acting would not be considered as one of those professions. Yet the same superlatives are often used by Oscar winners to describe themselves, their colleagues and the work that they do.

This year’s Hollywood awards season has been just like any other. Some of the wealthiest, most rewarded and celebrated people in the world, making some of the most ill-conceived attempts at displaying humility, instead displaying the exact opposite. Essentially not being very good at, well, acting.

Even for many who love film and have an appreciation for the arts, the experience of sitting through an entire Oscars pre-show and awards ceremony usually involves bouncing between laughter, nausea, rage and despair. The levels of narcissism and lack of self-awareness on show is at times jaw-dropping.
Viggo Mortensen. Photo credit: Teleindiscreta NT

Of course by their nature, creative artists can and perhaps should be forgiven for having a tendency to revert to the performative as soon as the cameras are on. To an extent. But watching the Oscars it can be hard not to wonder if celebrity culture has completely flipped the concept of humility on it’s head, and the word now means something else altogether.

You would think that with all the PR advice celebrities receive, surely someone would suggest to them that the collective self-celebration of a room full of famous millionaires might come across as slightly preposterous. But in a world where Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezos can claim to be the world’s leading philanthropist, perhaps it makes perfect sense for Lady Gaga to react to her Oscar win as though she has just discovered a cure for cancer.

While struggling through the Oscars coverage, in an effort to avoid gouging our own eyes out, The Circular managed to compile a list of other professions that would be far more deserving of the earnest praise that Hollywood bestows on itself for making a true difference in the world. Here are just ten.

1. Nurses

2. Humanitarian Aid Workers

Hannah McDowell, an aid worker with God’s Missionary Church out of Penn’s Creek, Pa., administers medicine to a Haitian child in Leogane, Haiti, Jan. 24. Marines from Lima Company, Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, flew into the area earlier in the day establishing a new humanitarian aid receiving area for Haitian earthquake victims at a missionary compound. (Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Bobbie A. Curtis)

3. Fire Fighters

Photo credit: Derek L

4. Paramedics

Photo credit: Corey Ralston

5. Nursing Home Assistants

Photo credit: Family & Nursing Care

6. Animal Care Attendants

7. Social Workers

Photo credit: PhotosNASW

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8. War Correspondents

Photo credit: yeasir yunus

9. Speech Therapists

Photo credit: Jolene

10. Coastguard Volunteers

Photo credit: Graham Burgess

It was at this point in the list that The Circular concluded it’s rant and began to relax a little bit. After all, there are less noble vocations than acting. Like for example, advocating luxury hotel chains.
Rami Malek, winner of the 2019 Oscar for Best Actor
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