10 Cool And Funny Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Kitchen- Photo Credit designbuildinhabit (Flickr)
Kitchen- Photo Credit designbuildinhabit (Flickr)

Kitchen- Photo Credit designbuildinhabit (Flickr)

Kitchen- Photo Credit designbuildinhabit (Flickr)

The kitchen can be a dull place and cooking is a boring affair? Not with these 10 cool and funny gadgets. They will surely make cooking and eating a lot more fun:


  • The Pizza box oven: If we are honest ordered pizza always tastes better than selfmade or frozen pizza. With the pizza box oven you can bring the feeling of an ordered pizza to your home.


  • The Selfie toaster: For all selfie friends out there, there is the selfie toaster. If you like to eat people’s faces, enjoy this cool gadget.


  • The cassette tape pizza cutter: Every fan of retro storage media will love to cut their pizza with a cassette tape-styled pizza cutter. It’s useful for hipsters, too.


  • The Taco Truck: Deliver tacos with the Taco Truck. Your kids will love it!


  • The Millenium Falcon Serving Tray: The new Star Wars film is in cinemas soon. For all Star Wars addictives there is a serving tray shaped like the Millenium Falcon. The force will be with you when eating for sure.


  • The Lightsaber Toasting Knife: Another Star Wars gadget in our list. The Lightsaber Toasting Knife will light up your morning, my young padawan.


  • The Nutella Knife: Everyone loves Nutella! With this Nutella knife you do not have to sacrifice the precious chocolate spread. It was specially shaped to get all the Nutella out of the jar.


  • The T-Rex Fossil Ice Cube Tray: You like dinosaurs? And ice-cold drinks? Then the T-Rex Fossil Ice Cube Tray is the right gadget for you. Roaaaaar!


  • The Blood Spill Cutting Board: Are you a fan of crime series? Do you like blood? Yes? Therefore you will love the Blood Spill Cutting Board. Nevertheless you shouldn’t hurt your loved ones, just some vegetables.


  • The Dumbbell Eating Utensils: “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”. If you want to save time, look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or set new impulses for your hand muscles, you need the Dumbbell Eating Utensils. Stay dedicated!

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