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10 BookTok accounts you need to follow right now for your next must-read

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The days of visiting a bookstore to learn about new books have long since passed. These days, all you have to do is open the TikTok app and browse the expanding #BookTok accounts that offer book reviews, top lists, and suggestions across a wide range of genres. Over the past several years, BookTok’s growth has completely reshaped the publishing industry, encouraging readers of all ages to pick up a book through influencers. If you are a passionate reader, make sure to follow these prominent BookTok influencers to stay updated on the latest trends in the literary world.

Photo by Leah Newhouse for Pexels

1. @thebooksiveloved

@thebooksiveloved is TikTok account created by Pauline Juan which offers book reviews, book recommendations, and videos of Pauline reacting to scenes or characters in her favorite books. Pauline’s BookTok suggestions have garnered her almost 535K followers and 33 million likes.

2. @ezeekat

@ezeekat is managed by BookTok enthusiast Jaysen Headley, a dedicated reader and anime aficionado. With a focus on young adult novels, anime, and manga, Jaysen offers regular book recommendations and engages with a diverse array of content, from board games to Disney movies and Doctor Who episodes. So, if you’re into all these things, @ezeekat is your go-to destination.

3. @abbysbooks

With her funny videos about her favorite genres, such as high fantasy, Abby, through her channel @abbysbooks, lights up BookTok with humor and excitement. She encourages her audience to soak up the “vibe” of every book she highlights. Abby is well-known for her humorous book reviews and interesting writing. Currently ranked fourth among the best BookTok creators of 2023, Abby’s eccentric charm has earned her 44.2 million likes and 473K followers. Abby’s bookish adventures, whether they involve humor, book hauls, reviews, or recommendations, are guaranteed to delight and educate her readers!

4. @amyjordanj

Selecting books for TikTok by topic, genre, or, as Amy suggested, by mood or emotions is very popular. Amy’s choices, which range from funny romcoms to heartbreaking novels, demonstrate her thoughtful approach. She also builds anticipation by teasing pages before revealing the books, a strategy that keeps her 434K-strong fan base interested.

5. @sydneyyybooks

Sydney offers more than simply book reviews and recommendations; she also discusses the elements of reading that she finds most enjoyable. Sydney’s favourite books are thrillers, mysteries and books with plot twist. She also started a book club recently to communicate with her 388.5K TikTok audience and make money.

6. @kendra.reads

As a passionate fan of romance novels, Kendra loves talking about her favorite tropes. She maintains the interest and engagement of her 136K followers with her reviews of books by creating several series based on “book boyfriends.” Kendra also does book brackets, which brightens the content for her devoted readership.

CBS News even wrote an article about Kendra as an influencer who not only writes book reviews but also helps Black readers find their main characters. She tells CBS: “A lot of the BookTokers were White, and they were just doing many of the same books. I was like, ‘Wait, well, I like those books too, but I think I can add something a little more.’”

7. @lauryns_library

Lauryn, who goes by @lauryns_library on BookTok, has created a thriving book community of her own. With over 330K followers, this 22-year-old literature enthusiast regularly shares book roundups, reviews, and content that resonates with fellow bookworms. Lauryn’s Library is the best place, if you’re a fan of aesthetic and beautiful videos.


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♬ original sound – Lauryn✨🦋📖

8. @williampdozier

William is a passionate book enthusiast and writer on BookTok, with over 116K followers. His detailed reviews can help with creating your TBR list. Dozier not only writes book reviews and recommendations, but he also just released a novella of his own. The fascinating and violent narrative of a man seeking revenge  in a small town in North Carolina is entitled “FUMES”. In his recent videos blogger also shares useful tips on improving writing. So, if you thinking about writing your own novel, you should definitely check out this TikTok account.


stocking little libraries with signed copies of FUMES!

♬ original sound – William Dozier

One of the best books about fiction. George Saunders and Stephen King and John Casey have written good books about the art of fiction too, by How Fiction Works by James Wood is more comprehensive. #booktok #writertok #writing #howfictionworks

♬ original sound – William Dozier

9. @bumblebeezus

Lizzy, known as @bumblebeezus on BookTok, has developed a wide-ranging readership with a wide range of interests. Lizzy has 492K followers and is mainly a fan of romance novels. Beyond offering book suggestions and literary humor, the girl is well-known on the internet for her creative depictions of the life of an introverted bookworm.


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♬ original sound – Elsie Silver

10. @janellelovesbooks

Janelle’s favorite genre is fantasy with a lot of spicy scenes. This BookTok star shares more than just her book recommendations and recent read analysis; she also shares her everyday life, such as getting a cute bookish tattoo, talking about underrated tropes, all while entertaining us with gorgeous puppy videos!

BookTok has become a thriving community where readers unite, share, and celebrate their love of books. With these 10 captivating BookTok accounts, you’re sure to find your next favorite book and connect with other book lovers. So enter the magical world of BookTok and start an incredible reading adventure, whether you’re looking for gripping mysteries, endearing romances, or thought-provoking classics.

If you are thinking of starting your own BookTok account to share your love of reading and thoughts of different books, here is a great video with tips and insights.

Happy reading!

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