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After hearing so much about the German brand Zoeva I decided to have a flick through some products on their site. Much like everyone says they are easily one of the best make up sites when it comes to the price. I’m not crazy into make up but was starting to run out of my old favorites and said id stock up after I saw how good their prices are. Reviews I had read said that the products themselves were reasonable for their price and that’s been my over all consensus too, so I thought i would do a review as it can be tough to find an English review of a lot of their products.

First off I bought six products from Zoeva, four palettes, a set of brushes and some eye primer. The products are shipped with DHL and your order can be tracked so you can follow to all the way to your house, which doesn’t ease the anticipation much. The shipping was something people had mention being a bit expensive at about €9, so I would suggest getting a few things in the one order.

I was disappointed with the eyeshadow right off the bat because its described as being “rich and pigmented” and unfortunately is nether. I purchased the ‘88 eyeshadow Matte and pearly palette’ and the ’28 Nude Matte and Pearly palette’, I bought these two because they were in a bundle offer for only €32. The colour palette comes with 88 colours so naturally there’s a small amount of each which was perfect for me because I rarely use colour and tend to stick to neutrals. But the biggest problem with these eyeshadows is the pigment or lack there of. Once I started applying swatches even the darker colours were barely visible.

88 Colour Matte and Pearly Palette- Zoeva
88 Colour Matte and Pearly Palette €18.95- Zoeva
Nude Palette- Zoeva
Nude Palette€18.95- Zoeva

Those were my only complaints though because I bought an 18 set of brushes that were €38 that’s €2 cheaper than my one MAC foundation brush and I really like every brush in the set. Comparing them to the few Smashbox brushes I own you wouldn’t notice much of a different really.Each brush also comes individually wrapped so no bristles are lost in transit.

Very- Croc 18 brush set- Zoeva
Very- Croc 18 brush set €38- Zoeva

A palette I had heard a lot about was their concealer palette so I was keen to try it as you get a whole set of concealers and highlighters as well as some correctors so everything you could need really. This palette has definitely lived up to my expectations and again for the price of this palette you would only buy one concealer from most other brands.

Concealer Palette- Zoeva
Concealer Palette€18.95- Zoeva


I also couldn’t fault the Eye Primer either and have found it’s a really good cream base and holds eyeshadow for much long, just not their eyeshadow unfortunately.


Eye Primer- Zoeva
Eye Primer €5.80- Zoeva


The blusher/bronzer palette I purchased was the ‘Sun Power Palette’ which considering the pigmentation of the Eyeshadows it was actually pretty good and the colouring held its own.

Sun Power Palette- Zoeva
Sun Power Palette €16.95- Zoeva

Another thing I want to mention about this brand is the amount of complements they get on their customer service, which is really helpful and fast. I noticed I had made a mistake on my order and emailed them a couple of hours after it went through, by the next morning I had an email saying that they had sorted it and fixed the PayPal payment. So mostly positive things to saw about Zoeva but the one negative being their eyeshadow and its lack of pigment other than that I would really encourage people to have a look at their stuff and they also ship worldwide. Their packaging is also done really well with enough paper and bubblewrap so theres no worry about palettes breaking and wasting shadow.

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  1. I was looking for a review on the Zoeva concealer palette and got here. Happy that you found it good since I was quite disappointed to discover that the Zoeva brand is just the same as the Coastal Scents brand. I mean they source their makeup from the same supplier and just “brand” the makeup palettes. If I only knew it sooner I would have saved a lot since there’s a makeup company here in my country that also gets their makeup from the same supplier and brand it as their own. They’re called “Dollface Cosmetics”. So much for staying away from Coastal Scents /Dollface Cosmetics only to find out I just bought the same thing from Zoeva. *sigh* Will look into this palette and see if it’s as good as everyone thinks. Thanks for this review!

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