A national obsession, perhaps. A way to greet people, definitely. But the weather has more to offer than that; here’s why we love it so much.

1/ There are so many ways to talk about it, you’ll never run out of ammo. Soft day thank god, Good day for drying out. You can even make up sayings of your own without anyone blinking an eyelid. You could fish a baraccuda in that.

2/ Descriptions of the weather are a legitimate means to greet (approach?) your neighbour. It’s a surprisingly authentic way of connecting with a semi-stranger; the shared experience of how abysmal the weather is makes us realise we’re not alone in this big bad world.

3/ The weather is one of most prolific muses for musicians. Think of Singing in the Rain, Purple Rain (does that count?), and my personal favourite, Rain Rain Go Away.

4/ Rain is a constant reminder that life is short and that it’s time to book a holiday.

5/ If it weren’t around, Ireland wouldn’t be so green and a lot more people would live here, putting extra pressure on our services. Or something to that effect.








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