Why Are Quotes Important?

Photo: Dan Arvid Bjørsvik
Photo: Dan Arvid Bjørsvik

According to neurobiologist Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, the reason why certain stories make you feel strongly about them is because they stimulate activity in the very part of the brain that make your heart beat, make you breathe when you are asleep and make your blood pressure stay within normal limits. Likewise, quotes or words of wisdom can make similar impact. How do you react to the top 10 quotes that inspired users of the popular website Reddit?

1. From the Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria:

2. From ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ author:

3. From one of the Founding Fathers of the United States:

4. From a popular Turkish author:

5. From someone who must have been heartbroken over a past incident:

6. From Kanye West:

7. Originally from historian Konstantin Josef Jireček:

8. From an influential American Quaker poet:

9. From ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ author:

10. An Italian proverb:

Which quote did you like the most?

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