French baguettes - photo credit Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble (flickr)

French baguettes – photo credit Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble (flickr)

You : Irish who have never tried yet delicious French food, French people who miss their food without any doubt or simply food addicts from all over the world living in Dublin or just passing, let’s try “Chez Max“.

This is the best French restaurant in town and in two different locations. For those of you who want to discover a charming back garden at the gates of Dublin Castle, go to Palace Street.

However, if you prefer to find a large outside seating area, I recommend you to run to Baggot Street between St Stephen’s Green and Merrion Square.

Anyway, recipes remain exactly the same and you will find amazing french tastes in both places.

A special ‘epicerie‘ with French products is situated just above the restaurant in Baggot Street.

Baking good, chocolate, sweets, sodas, gourmet “cassoulet”, “foie gras”, “pâtés”… Irish people same as French people people rarely leave disappointed ! And I am sure you won’t.

A sudden urge during your working day of an awesome glass of wine or a cheese and charcuterie platter ? Show up at any time, you are always more than welcome by these French staff.

Michel, the manager, will talk to you with his South of France’s accent and will try to give his best !

This man also told me that more than 70% of his customers are Irish…so I asked him why, and what tips to recommend to cook as a real French ? “One single solution. Go to France, and learn it there ! Best of luck !”.


Below details of the restaurants and the epicerie.

Chez Max – Baggot Street

133 Lower Baggot Street

Dublin 2

Tel: 01 661 8899


Chez Max – Palace Street

1 Palace Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 01 633 7215

(Reservation over the phone only.)


Chez Max – Epicerie

133 Lower Baggot Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 01 661 8899




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