Where can Bloggers find Free and Legal Pictures ?

Photo credit: A. Diez Herrero (Flickr)
Photo credit: A. Diez Herrero (Flickr)

When it comes to writing a post for your blog, images are crucial to “improve” the layout and the structure of your article. Looking for pictures when you’re a blogger can be challenging; you cannot share every image from the internet due to copyright laws. Nevertheless, there are a number of online sharing websites providing pictures that bloggers can freely use, and legally share. Bloggers and students don’t want or don’t have the money to buy online pictures. But don’t worry, there is an alternative; with the rise of blogging and social networks a number of sharing websites were created indexing free photographs allowing the legal sharing of content;
Here is a list of websites hosting online and free pictures available for sharing on your blog.

Flickr advanced search
Flickr, is one of the most popular photo and video sharing websites, indexing more than 6 billion images. This website is an excellent online source for bloggers enabling them to browse and search images under different copyright licenses. Among billions of pictures, Flickr has copyrighted licensed materials, and images under the creative commons license. A creative commons is a license that grants the free distribution of an author’s work. This specific license authorizes users to share and modify a picture.

Flickr cc


Creative commons search 
This website allows you to search creative commons-licensed material only. This is not a search engine; this interesting website selects creative commons-licensed content among different websites such as Google images, Flickr and YouTube. To do so, just type in your topic in the search bar then select the website you want to get your photograph from. It is really a straightforward and a user-friendly website.

creativecommons search


Google images search tools

We’re all familiar with Google images, the image search service that was established in 2001 by Google; the only problem is that bloggers cannot share, or modify images downloaded from Google images as it provides copyrighted material. However, to allow people to share images, Google has introduced a tool that enables bloggers, students and lecturers to use certain images. Google has generated a ‘search tools’ button that allows to select ‘Labeled for reuse with modification’, or ‘Labeled for commercial reuse with modification’. In doing so, bloggers can legally use and share the images on the internet.

google image

Everystockphoto is a search engine that provides free photos and hosts millions of licensed photos. It indexes different pictures from different sources. Everystockphoto is an easy to use website enabling users to obtain details on the picture’s specific license. When clicking on a photo, details and characteristics of a license are available to the viewers. The site has a strict policy: when sharing a picture it is crucial to mention the author’s name.

everystockphoto licenses


MorgueFile allows the internet user to flick through different categories and free photos. This website proves to be really useful when writing a piece for a blog as it offers a wide range of pictures that the internet user can freely use. This ingenious website offers an interesting and wide library of online photos; Similar to other websites, morguefiles offers the user the ability to check for copyright licences and adds a description on how to attribute the work to its author.



These are not the only websites indexing creative commons material, there are many out there where you can freely use the pictures for non-commercial content. These websites are user-friendly and explain in details the different licenses that exist on the online market. When sharing creative commons pictures or public domain pictures, it is essential to attribute, and link the author’s name or pseudonym to the picture used for the article.

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