When Blogging destroys Friendship

What to do when your friend is a blogger.

1st case: you enjoy the blog so you read his/her posts, like them, share them and spread the love. Your friendship will last a lifetime.

2nd case:  you have no interest whatsoever in what your friend is blogging about so you like his/her posts just because you love your pal and whenever he asks you what you think about the blog, you always reply a general “oh it is brilliant!”. Your friendship will last until you will run out of creativity in giving general senseless compliments.

3rd case: your friend is obsessing you to comment on his/her blog which you think it is an absolute piece of crap but you don’t want to hurt your buddy revealing him/her the ugly truth. At this point only a solution is possible: emigration, possibly somewhere where Internet hasn’t been discovered yet. Your friendship will turn into a one-time a year meeting when, hopefully, blogging will not be discussed.

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