Whats going on with “The Circular”

So you might have noticed that the circular is jam packed at the moment with news stories and blog posts.
Why is this you ask?
Well  it’s run by students, and as you know students only do three things in masses: (1) Procrastinate, (2) Drink and (3) Try and reach assignment deadline.
At the moment The circular is being overwhelmed by students doing the third thing.

So what is the assignment? 
Well a few months back the students of Griffith Colleges BAJVM year 3 class where given an assignment to create online content for an online publication. The task was a simple one, have at the very least eight posts by the end of term. Not eighteen, not eighty, just eight. If students just did a post a week they would have weeks s left over. But us students being students , left this simple assignment to the last minute where it has now become a big problem.

So what’s your excuse?
I’m sure each student will have a number of reasons they will try and validate as an acceptable excuse for not getting their posts in through out the semester. They may try to explain it to their lecture and hope for the best. Not me though, I’m an opportunist.
I need eight posts in total, so it only seems natural that I write a post about writing posts (I am a genius).
Now I could put down reasons why I myself am adding posts at this late date, but that would be silly. I’m not going to publicise my short comings online. Potential employers could be reading this, and as far as want them to know “I’m great”.

Whats next?
Over the next few days/weeks you will notice an interesting change in “The Circular”, I’d imagine most of it’s writers will move on. Summer is coming and many of the students will be out looking for jobs. I personally will be on a job hunt.
I can say however that if the site stays live, you will be receiving the absolute best content available.
Only those of us with a real passion for writing will be continuing, the assignment deadline will effectively  weed out those of us who don’t really have an interest in producing content.

Many posts your going to see in the next few hours will be about college students saying goodbye to college/griffith/other students, but I want to take this moment to say goodbye to you the readers. If it wasn’t for you this site would not have been nearly as successful as it is, I know I haven’t really been active on here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what you guys have done.
If it wasn’t for you interacting with our posts, this whole website would be a lot “duller”
So from all of us here at “The Circular” I want to say thank you!

What was your favourite story? who was your favourite writer? Is there anyone you would like to see more of? Let us know in the comments below!


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