What If Social Networks Were Just High School Students?


Photo credits: Pram

Everyone remembers their high school days. Time filled with pranks, jokes, laugh, cry, biggest friends and biggest enemies.

But also, this time was the time when everyone (for at least one day) got a nickname because he/she did something. Some of those nicknames stayed even until they were much older, even until today.

Then, again, there were people to whom school was one and only friend they had. Or those big high school “sport stars” who every girl was dreaming of. Even musicians.

There were lots of small groups and everyone belonged to one. We all knew each other by our best and worst features.

Inspired by high school days, the crew from College Humor made an online comic book (illustrated by Andy Kluthe) of Social Networks and how they would look and sound like if they were in high school. To see how they view today’s social networks, check this slideshow:

[slideshow_deploy id=’10979′]

Is there any other web site you can think of that could have made the list? Give us your ideas and comment bellow!

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