What does the future hold…in 2222

Space picture Photo credit; chris.huggins (flickr)
Space picture Photo credit; chris.huggins (flickr)

It’s no secret that we live a very technical world. We have the smartphone to act as many tools, the internet to bring the world closer and helpful networks like Storify to enhance stories from Her to Fandangoing. However what does the future hold? Will it be like Her where there are personal OSes? While this writer isn’t clairvoyant, this piece will view five things that are possible to make but won’t be available to us for a while. Also it’ll look at three things that are impossible to make  now or even for a long time.  So strap yourselves  in as we take a journey into possible things from the world of tomorrow.

R2 D2 journey picture photo credit: Bruce Irving (flickr)
Journey into 2222 with R2 D2 . photo credit: Bruce Irving (flickr)

1)      Robot butlers

In 2222*, house cleaning will be made a lot easier thanks to robotic servants. Many have been made today but not mass produced   (See below one example) and they are designed for particular chores. Scientists are optimistic that with the aid of nanotechnology, they will be a robotic butler that will help with all of the daily chores as well as be an ally for the elderly. Will they be like Rosie from the Jetsons or C3P0 from Star Wars? That is up to the designer who creates the first mass produced robot servant.


2)      Freezing revival

The process of freezing humans is already active as legally dead people are frozen in hopes of being revived in the future to cure incurable diseases. Cryotists have failed to bring back anyone so far but they have seen some signs of life present in the frozen body. They  also strongly believe that nanotechnology can help them make this science fiction fact. If it works than 2222 will have cryolabs like in Futurama reviving those who need a cure or simply want to see the future advances of the world.

pauly shore

3)      Humanoids

Scientists have confirmed that it is possible to fuse humans with machinery. However it will take at least 100 years for that to happen due to today’s technology not having enough battery power to make a humanoid do day to day operations. So in 2222, they will be Robocops but will there be villains like Dick Jones and Clarence Boddicker and will they look like the 1987 or 2014 model? It won’t only be law enforcement as this process can save humans if surgery can’t help them. As for human-humanoid relationships, let future generations worry about that once they’re built.

4)      Hoverboards

This year, Back to the Future and hoverboards fans were pissed off to hear that the hoverboard promotional video was a hoax.  What isn’t a hoax is the possibility to make them. While it is impossible to make them out of anti-gravity material, they are other ways to make a hoverboard like magnetic repulsion and leaf blowing power. Once the kinks of control and weight are solved, people will be using hoverboards as a pastime. Sadly it will not happen in 2015 but 2222 absolutely.  Maybe by then they could found a way to make anti-gravity technology  to make it like the one Marty McFly is using in the video below.

5)      Spaceships/Death Star

NASA have confirmed that they have the technology to build a large space carrier.  Meanwhile a Scottish engineer has said it is possible to build a real USS Enterprise. The problems with both are money and the need for fuel. However after discovering water on Mars, space trips can be extended and as the years go on, NASA will eventually fly a group of civilians to see earth above. As for the Death Star, experts said that it can be built now but would cost quadrillions and unless they is a super economic boom and extra-terrestrial enemies in the future, it won’t be built.  However in 2222, people can boldly go where no man has gone before.

Sadly there are things that are impossible to build here are three things that when asked can they be made, scientists say…

No!!! Photo credit: ;-) AranZazu (flickr)
No!!! Photo credit: 😉 AranZazu (flickr)

1)      Human teleportation

While there is a chance to build the USS Enterprise, there is no chance of human teleportation. Scientists have made a device that teleports solid objects yet they say that teleporting humans would do more harm than good. The reason for this is that the human body has so much information in their atoms that the teleporting beams can’t understand what they are sending. Maybe 2222 may prove us wrong but now we don’t have the technology and won’t for a very long time if we’re lucky.

2)      Lightsabers

Star Wars fans young and old dream of wielding a real life lightsaber. Sadly the toy replicas are the closest they can get.  The problem though isn’t that it’s impossible to make them but rather that it would be a flawed device. Such faults include that the blade would have to be smaller to be properly handled and it wouldn’t be able to clash with other laser swords but reflecting in a direction away from your opponent.  As for the doubled bladed lightsaber like the one Darth Maul has below, that would be impossible to make.

3)      Time Travel

The most debatable futuristic device by physics experts, time travel is something visionaries and sci fi fans dream of becoming a reality. However, it seems that the majority of physicists believe that it is impossible to travel back through time or forward to the future. One expert said it could be possible to go into the future but it would only be a couple of years and once you’re there, you can’t go back. So much for a real life Tardis or a time travelling DeLorean.

Feel free to comment about the future and see what should be added.

*The year 2222 was chosen as a random year.

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