What do Jenna Marbles and James Joyce have in common?

Youtube sensation Jenna Mourey (aka Jenna Marbles) landed in Dublin this week, to receive awards from both UCD and Trinity College.

The 26 year old, has 132 vlogs posted on the infamous video site and these have been  watched 993,761,317 times since  her first video, “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” went viral in February 2010.

On Wednesday, she received  the James Joyce Award from UCD’s Literary & Historical society. For most, it would seem like an odd choice putting the name of one of Ireland’s  most famous literary legends in the same sentence, as the New Yorker who named her dog Kermit.

However,  Here are 5 things that both of these media legends have in common.

1. Both of their names start with the letter J



2.Both have/had musical talents


3. Both have been to college

James Joyce recieved a BA in Philosophy and French from UCD in 1902

Jenna has completed both a BS in Psychology at Suffolk University and a Masters in Sports Psychology and counselling in Boston University




4. The duo have had very strong opinions on the male species.


Men are governed by lines of intellect women: by curves of emotion. -James Joyce




5.They both have gone out in Dublin City







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