If we had to measure wellness against the numbers shown in the weight scale, most of us would probably never even like the mention of the word again. Healthy weight is still a far-fetched dream for some of the wellness junkies out there, but it’ll be grossly wrong to limit the idea of wellness to the digits we dread to share.


Lady depicting wellness. Credits to www.liveoncelivewild.com (Flickr)

To put it simply, wellness is all about being mindful and about being in a state of good health, both mentally and physically. But more often than not, we tend to put their mental well-being on the back-burner in the quest of achieving their desired body weight. For the majority of us, wellness is limited to the yoga poses to reach the goal weight and smoothies that gratify our sugar-cravings.

A mere glance can tell us if someone is physically fit or not, but how do we gauge someone’s mental state of being which is not visible to the naked eye? We can’t, and that’s precisely why we tend to ignore our mind and its cries like it’s not a matter of concern. Unjustified, isn’t it?

What if I were to tell you that your happiness is not guaranteed even if you are the most attractive person on the planet? Imagine, a miserable mind operating the fittest body. Will you pay some attention to your mental health then? Will you then sit down and meditate before you sip that smoothie? Or will you still choose to ignore your mind like it doesn’t exist?