Breaking news: Alert to all British people and to you, Irish people and other Fish and Chips addicts!

AFP (London) announced a probable disappearance of several breeds of fish due to warming seas.

‘Warming seas could sign the death warrant of the famous British traditional dish “fish and chips”, combining breaded haddock fillets with chips’, researchers said on Monday.


The number of haddock, plaice or dab-soles show significant decrease in the North Sea with an expected increase of 1.8 degree temperature water within 50 years, according to a study conducted by scientists from the University of Exeter (southern England).

An article entitled “The future distribution of fish constrained by depth in warmer seas“, was published in the scientific journal “Nature Climate Change“.

The researchers measured the expected effect of ocean warming on popular fish species likely to be evicted because they can not thrive in habitats, depths and specific water temperatures.

Some fish species will not be able to migrate to cooler waters of the North since the depths to which they are adapted are not available there.

“According to our scientific projections, species living in cold water will be forced out and should be replaced by species living in warmer waters,” said another co-author of the study, Steve Simpson, Lecturer in marine biology and climate change expert.

“To maintain sustainable fisheries in the UK, we need to do without haddock with his fries (the” fish and chips “, note) and look to Southeast Europe to inspire a another gastronomy ” he added.

clownfish credit photo Pixabay

clownfish credit photo Pixabay