Top 10 Questions and Answers with Verne Troyer

Photo: Eva Rinaldi
Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

“I punched a bully in the nose one day for calling me the ‘m’ word. He never used it again,” says Verne Troyer. Photo: Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped and colour edited

The actor and stunt performer, perhaps best known as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies, answered questions on the popular social media site, Reddit, Thursday evening. Here’s what Verne Troyer had to say.

The full thread from Verne Troyer’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread is here, but if you just want the top 10 questions he answered and his responses, have a look below.


QUESTION #1 from IamBmeTammy: Did you do your own stunts on Austin Powers?

Verne Troyer: Nobody else can do my stunts except for a doll. I’m only 2 foot 8 [0.81 m], dude!


QUESTION #2 from Pardonme23: Little known fact about Verne Troyer?

Verne Troyer: Grew up amish.


QUESTION #3 from bigtice: Verne, you must answer this: A battle to the death between you and Ajay Kumar for the rights to shortest film star and a lifetime supply of Mountain Dew. Not who wins, but how do you win?

Verne Troyer: I would start off by shaking his hand. Being friendly, chit chat, then slap him in the face. Next a swift knee to the groin. Then I’d take out his legs with a leg sweep. I’d finish him off with a People’s Elbow. Then I’d stand over him and gloat that he shouldn’t F with someone who is 2 inches taller than him. Get some.


QUESTION #4 from Darkboner: Were you ever teased/bullied with your length as a child ? If so, how did it affect you?

– Verne Troyer

Verne Troyer: I punched a bully in the nose one day for calling me the ‘m’ word. He never used it again.


QUESTION #5 from budde_: Who would you want to play Mega-You in a movie?

Verne Troyer: Hulk Hogan.


QUESTION #6 from Kknowsbest: Who was your role model growing up?

Verne Troyer: My parents. They never treated me any different than my other average sized siblings. I used to have to carry wood, feed the cows and pigs and farm animals.


QUESTION #7 from Cbarns88: When filming Austin Powers, how difficult was it to not talk at all? Did you slip up often?

Verne Troyer: It was difficult because Mike [Myers] improves constantly and so you have to just react, but I liked the challenge of not being able to say anything but still having to get my point across. Ruined many scenes because we couldn’t keep a straight face. The scene with the cat where I’m trying to bite it, I was smirking the whole time.


QUESTION #8 from Traubster: What percentage of women would you say do not wear panties?

Verne Troyer: Well, I’m the only one who can see!


QUESTION #9 from Yelnick_McWawa: I read that you were a stuntman in the smash hit holiday classic “Jingle All the Way”? How was Arnold like behind the scenes? Is Sinbad really crazy?

Verne Troyer: Sinbad is hilarious. Arnold was HUUGGEE. I suggested he run for Governor one day. For better or worse he took my advice.


QUESTION #10 from SendDaBatchBro: What’s the weirdest role you have been offered?

Verne Troyer: A TV series where I was inside Abraham Lincoln’s hat, and I would come out and kill people.


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