Valentine’s Day: Most awkward sex scenes on TV

        Our sex life does not always look like Fifty Shades of Grey and sometimes, intimate moments can become very but very awkward. So awkward that you want to run far far away and bury yourself in the middle of the Sahara so no one will ever find you. For this Valentine’s week, I took advantage of my celibacy to watch my favorite (or not) TV shows and movies again and find some of those super embarrassing moments.

1- Breaking Dawn – Part 1

We start light with the sex scene that all teenage girls have been waiting for. In Twilight 4 or Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Edward and Bella are loosing their virginity. We all know how first times can be embarrassing but it is even worst when you are a vampire with too much strength.  Broken bed, torn pillow…. this night is a festival.

Don’t be shy Edward, next time will be better!

2- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Apparently, young Harry Potter has never been enough curious to go on Google and type “How do I kiss”. On the fifth movie, The Order of the Phoenix, the young sorcerer share his first kiss with Cho. In a few words, Cho is the ex-girlfriend of Harry Potter’s dead friend. But this part was not enough embarrassing. No! Harry who is probably around 16 years old in this movie kisses Cho like a 10 year old child.  Harry please…. You are a hero and this is not how a hero is suppose to kiss.


Kissing is not only a Harry Potter’s problem. Ron and Hermione and not doing better.

3- American Pie

American Pie is probably one of the first “sexy movie” a young adult is watching. After it, you will never see a warm apple pie the same way. “The inside of a woman is like a warm apple pie”.  So of course, when Jim Levenstein (main virgin character) go home and see a fresh apple pie on the kitchen he cannot help himself. The scene becomes even more awkward when Jim’s dad enters in the kitchen while his son is….. busy. Epic!

4- Game of Thrones – Jaime and Cercei

We cannot make a list about awkward sex scene without mentioning Game of Thrones. It was  very hard to pick only one scene from the entire series but Jaime and Cercei are the winers. In season 4, episode 3, Cercei Lannister is crying on the body of her dead son. Her brother, Jaime Lannister who is also the father of the dead son comes to comfort her. But everything does not happen as expected. Some people said that Cercei was raped by her brother. The series producers’ explained that she wasn’t. What ever the answer is, this scene remains incestuously awkward don’t you think ?

Something to say Tyrion ?

6- True Blood

Everytime I am watching True Blood, I wondered: “What the F**K ?”. In season 7, Eric the sexy viking vampire (Alexander Skarsgård) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) are sharing a torrid moment. But don’t be affraid, this is just a dream.

Okay, this scene is not that awkward! Here is another one that is probably a little bit more disturbing and twisted. Please don’t try it at home. WATCH HERE

7- Sons of Anarchy

Let’s finish this list with our favorite Bike from The Sons of Anarchy (who was supposed to be Christian Grey in the new Fifty Shades of Grey). Jax Teller is having sex with his wife Tara but none of them seem to enjoy it. The result is here again….. awkward.

What do you think Mr.Grey ?

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