Top Tips for Thailand

Myself and My friend Hollie Elephant, Photo Credit: Mairead Doyle

1. Get your injections. 

These are a major part of your trip and are reasonably priced. Check out the Tropical Medical Bureau for the best rates.


2. Stay no more than 3 nights in Bangkok.

Bangkok is an amazing place somewhere everyone must see but it can be overwhelming and intense. the Koh Saan road is there best way to do it but make sure to be booking your boat very swiftly as it can get too much for any longer.


3. Bring Deet 100 ( Mosquito repellent)

There has been myths about these extremely high deets but from experience the higher the better. Bites over there are not only sore but they can be extremely dangerous so stay protected make it a routine to put it on every night.


4. Go Elephant Trekking 

This was by far one of the big highlights of the  Holiday for me. For about €15 to €20 you can have an hour long jungle trek on the back of an elephant. Its completely safe and an absolutely amazing experience.

Myself and My friend Hollie Elephant, Photo Credit: Mairead Doyle
Myself and My friend Hollie Elephant, Photo Credit: Mairead Doyle


5. Stay in Princess Phi Phi.

When arriving on Koh Phi Phi its a race for the best hotels. We were lucky enough to get one of the last rooms in the Princess Phi Phi hotel . At first we were confused what all the hype was about, the rooms were nothing spectacular. But after our first night out there we realised we had the perfect location it was the centre of it all and was so much fun to stay in. Its also one of the cheapest places on the island so have your bags ready as your arriving to the port.


6. Wear Suncream.

I cannot stress enough that the heat and sun there is something us pale Irish are not used to. Don’t think you can lather yourself in oil – you’re fooling no one, now enjoy your factor 50!


7. Visit Maya Bay .

For those of you who don’t know, the film The Beach starring the one and only Leonardo Di Caprio was filmed on this island. If knowing you’re walking the same sand as Leo once did isn’t enough to make you go well I don’t know what is. But if that doesn’t appeal to you its generally one of the most incredible places one can visit. Crystal clear blue waters and golden sand.

Maya Bay  Credit: Mairead Doyle
Maya Bay Credit: Mairead Doyle

8. Do an all round boat trip. 

In Koh Phi Phi they offer you a day trip around the islands. This is a must. My friends and I chose the half day which was the best option for 8 hungover and exhausted girls. We still managed to make the most of it, visiting monkey island and shark point. Maya is included in this trip too.


9.  Go out every night in the run up to the Full Moon Party.

Just do.

Full Moon Party , Credit : Mairead Doyle
Full Moon Party , Credit : Mairead Doyle


10. After the Full Moon go straight to Koh Tao.

This is a perfect place to chill after a crazy week. There is one pub crawl a week but nothing else major so you won’t even be tempted.. not that you could be after the week you have just had.


12. Take a Trip to MBK.

Most people stop in Bangkok for a night or two one their way home as that is where the airport is. We stayed off the Koh San road this time as we wanted a good nights sleep. We decided to use our final two days splurging on fake Dre beats and ray bans. These can all be purchased in the mother of all shopping centres MBK .


13. Don’t ignore any cuts or injuries.

I was silly enough to cut myself off coral over there and came home with a foot that looked triple the size of my own. Just get the proper equipment to disinfect it and cover it up before it can get any worse.

14. Go Snorkelling.

this was my favourite thing to do on the trip. It was an unforgettable experience that I would do again in a heartbeat. This was done in Koh Tao where they have really good prices and deals to bring you to the right places.


15. Drink from Buckets.

These buckets are part of the novelty of Thailand , as long as you hear the click of your vodka being opened for the first time you know it is okay.

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