Top 5 YouTube Vlogs

Photo Credit: Rego (Flickr)
Photo Credit: Rego (Flickr)
Photo Credit: Rego (Flickr)

Who could have imagined 7 years ago that posting videos on the internet could be a full time job?  When YouTube was founded, posting videos on the sharing platform became a new trend and a bunch of internet users discovered that uploading videos online was an easy and profitable way of making money while staying at home.YouTube then gave birth to what is now known as “vlogging”; but what exactly is vlogging? “vlogging” defines someone who posts entertaining videos online of his everyday life; a vlogger will film around 4 or 5 hours of video footage per day and edit the content to make it enjoyable to the viewers. YouTubers are remunerated according to their videos’ views, product placements and branding deals.

Here’s a top 5 YouTube vlogs:

1)  The Shaytards

The Shaytards are a Mormon family from Idaho who started vlogging 5 years ago. After discovering YouTube and its commercial possibilities, Shay Butler decided to become a YouTuber in order to spend more time with his family. At the end of the current year, Shay Butler will stop the daily vlogs.  His vlog channel on YouTube has more than 800 million views.


2) CTFxC

Charles Trippy was in the Guinness world record for the most consecutive daily vlogs on the internet; he started 5 years ago and has now more than 1700 videos uploaded on YouTube. Charles is famous for filming his brain tumour surgery; the video has  more than 2 million views. He’s the one who popularized vlogging and his channel has more than 500 million views.

3) Bf vs Gf

You may not know the channel’s name, but I am sure you’ll be familiar with these two YouTubers; Jessie Wellens and Jennifer Smith, a couple living in Philadelphia. These two are one of the most famous pranksters on YouTube after Rémi Gaillard.  This couple pulls pranks on each other and uploads the content on the internet. Beside their prank channel they also have a vlog channel where they film their everyday life. They produce 7 minute daily vlogs and manage to produce entertaining vlogs too.

4) Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is also very popular prankster on YouTube with over 400 million views on his Prank channel. He created a vlog channel in 2013 and has already more than 40 million views.

5) Fun for Louis

Fun for Louis is a YouTube channel hosted by and English man in his mid-20s called Louis Cole. He travels around the world in order to share his journey with the viewers.

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