Top 5 Youtube Channels for Beauty Addicts

Photo: Lauren Curtis / Credit: Lauren Curtis / Youtube.

1. Lauren Curtis

This Australian chick has over a million subscribers on her YouTube! Lauren makes really nice tutorials using a very wide range of products for all budgets!!!

2. Camila Coelho

Camila’s channel is definitely worth watching, this charismatic beauty guru has reached over 500,000 people on YouTube. Originally from Brazil, she has two channels one in English and one in Portuguese. Her videos are amazing, she has a large number of tutorials on makeup, hair, etc!!!

3. Makeup by Tiffani D

Tiffani is a self – taught makeup artist, who gave up on her teaching career to dedicate herself full-time to her YouTube channel and her blog. Today, with over 800,000 subscribers Tiffanny has plenty of nice tutorials on both her channel and her blog!

4. Little KIVA

Kiva Cusack is an Irish beauty guru. She started LittleKiva in 2009 and is now one of the most subscribed beauty gurus in Ireland. Kiva also offers makeup courses for all different levels.

5. Tar Mar

Tara is an Irish blogger and YouTuber with a Malasian background. She studies Fashion Design in Belfast and blogs about fashion, lifestyle and of course, beauty! She has over 30,000 subscribers to her channel and divides her attention between YouTube and her blog.


  1. You mentioned in your article that Little Kiva is Ireland’s most subscribed beauty guru. This is not the case. The MakeupChair by SineadyCady has 400k subscribers and over 30 million channel views.

    • okay… thanks for point it out, I have corrected the article… it now says that she is one of the most subscribed ones… thank you!

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