Top 5 Worst Tackles in Football








* Warning – Footage may be of a violent/graphic nature.


5. Nigel De Jong (2010)

The Dutch midfielder caught Spain’s Xabi Alonso with a karate kick to the chest in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Surprisingly, De Jong received only a yellow card for the incident and remained on the pitch.


4. Benjamin Massing (1990)

Cameroon were 1-0 up in the last minute of the opening game of the 1990 World Cup and about to record a famous victory over reigning champions Argentina. Claudio Caniggia skipped past one challenge, then another, but Massing decided enough was enough.


3. Kevin Muscat (2011)

The Australian international lunged into a knee-high challenge on Melbourne Heart’s Adrian Zahra, ending his season as a result.


2. Commins Menapi (2007)

Menapi became the first player to be sent off in a New Zealand Football Championship final with this reckless attempt at a tackle that broke Auckland City defender Riki van Steeden’s leg.


1. Roy Keane (2001)

Perhaps the most infamous tackle of the Premier League era. 5 minutes from the final whistle in the Manchester derby, Keane deliberately set out to injure Alf-Inge Haland in an act of revenge.

“I’d waited long enough. I f*cking hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that you c*nt. And don’t ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries” – Quote taken from Roy Keane’s autobiography.


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