Top 3 underrated but excellent bands

There is no surprise that music I what I truly love to write about, and nothing is more fun for me than to catch up on new and underrated bands and artists. In this piece I will mention 3 different artists that I think should be more visible and have a even bigger audience. Some of you might know the names and songs of these bands, and to you other guys; I hope you will enjoy some new and inspiring bands.

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Hunting Grounds
This is a six piece Australian punk band. They formed at Ballarat High School and won Triple J‘s Unearthed High competition with their song “Blackout.” In 2012 Hunting Grounds supported fellow Ballarat act Yacht Club DJs on their Batten own the Hatches Australian Tour. The tour was sold out, and they have just released their debut album, which is absolutely magnificent. Under here you can listen to their latest official single called “Flaws”, and what a solid piece of indie pop this is.

Their debut album “In Hindsight” came out in 2013, and they have recorded to EPs, “Howl” (2009) and “Brothers in Violence” (2010) If you like what you hear, take a look at their Facebook page or visit their YouTube channel

The members of the band are:
Jonathon Crawford
Daniel Marie
Lachlan Morrish
Michael Belsar
Galen Strechan
Tim Street

Many already knows about this band, but they deservere an even bigger fanbase. Foals are an English rock band which formed in Oxford, England in 2005. They are currently signed to Transgressive Records in the United Kingdom and Sub Pop in the United States. They released their debut album “Antidotes” on 24 March 2008 in the UK, and 8 April 2008 in the US. They have just started their American tour which began in January 2013.

The band’s second album, Total Life Forever, was released on 10 May 2010. Foals also released a mixtape named Tapes in July 2012 for !K7 Records. In November 2012, as an advance off their third album Holy Fire which is now out in the stores and online, the band released “Inhaler” and received enormous airplay. If you like the sound of this group, go ahead and visit their official page and their Facebook page.

The members of the band are:
Yannis Philippakis
Jack Bevan
Jimmy Smith
Walter Gervers
Edwin Congreave

Avalanche City
This is a New Zealand folk music band from Auckland. The group was originally a solo project of Dave Baxter, and when the album was completed they made it available for free download on the internet. He was only expecting a few hundred copies to be downloaded, but after more than 10,000 downloads he took it offline and began to market it. Baxter’s first single  “Love Love Love” which you can listen to under, debuted at number one on the New Zealand chart, despite little radio play.

It did not take long before the song topped both the sales charts and the airtime charts, it was also used as a theme song for TV2. The song achieved Gold recognition within the first 4 weeks on the charts, so this is a band to recognize. Visit their official page, their Facebook page and their YouTube channel.

The members of the band are:
Ben Duncan
Johnny Brock
Ben Tolich
Strahan Cole
Romelli Rodriguez

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  1. Very Nice article:)
    I have never heard any of them before. But now i want to hear more Off them..
    Youre a good writer Camilla:)

  2. Amazing work! I love to discover new bands – and these really caught my eye (ears) 🙂 I now know where to look for new and exciting music.

  3. Thank you for turning me on to Hunting Ground. Never heard of them. Flaws is an amazing song (though I’d have picked a youtube link without that intro; too long, may have cost them votes), and I’m checking out Star Shards right now. Astronomy references are bonus. Thanks again.

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