Top 10 versions of “Game of Thrones” Opening’s Theme

The popular adaptation of the great saga of George RR Martin is the subject of literally millions of covers, parodies, mashups and all kinds of crazy, but the fact is that the numerous versions of its famous opening deserve a special section. Do you think you’ve seen them all? Here we leave you a selection of the best 10 versions that we found… What do you like most? Tell us on the poll below!

1. Cat Cover

Well, we have to admit this isn’t probably the best version… But, as it was the first and the precursor of the trend, it deserves to be here at the first place.

2. Floppy – Drivers Cover

I have no words for this version… Do you remember those old floppy drivers of the ancient computers? Simple AWESOME.

3. 8 -bit Cover

But I bet those “freaks” about the vintage technologies also love  Nintendo 64, Super Mario Bros… And this 80’s 8 bits version of Game of Thrones Opening

4. 1990’s Cover

And what comes after the 80’s? Yes, those wonderful 90’s. Have look on this video showing how would it be the opening of GoT like in the 90’s.

5. Cello band Cover

The group Break of Reality arranges the  most similar  version probably. If you close your eyes and listen to it, you can’t guess if this the real one or not.

6. Violin Cover

But who need a cello quartet if having his own violin? This amazing guy plays the whole melody -every single sound- by his own.

7. Heavy Metal Cover

Why so serious above there, guys? Let’s  rock it with a Heavy Metal version of the GoT opening, it suits perfect to the melody!

8. Flamenco Cover

One more time with just one instrument, but in a very different music style with a little touch of Spanish “duende”… Cool, isn’t it?

9. Cover A Capella

This is one of the best -or even the greatest versions… It’s absolutely amazing how can they get the same sound than the real version just with their voices and beatbox!

10.”The Simpsons” Cover

The “Game of Thrones” fever hasn’t only affected to musicians, animals and geeks: It has also reached another TV series such famous as “The Simpsons”.

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