To Friend Your Parents on Facebook – or not?

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There comes a point in one’s life when the inevitable occurs – today, my dear mother added me on Facebook. That dreaded friend request which I’ve been avoiding for almost a year now.

My initial thought: decline!


However, after hours of contemplating ‘what is the worst that can happen?’ – I accepted.

What happened afterwards, I hear you ask?


Meme parents fb
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I then stumbled upon this gem: Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook

A website, which showcases why we should not, under any circumstances, accept our parents as friends on Facebook.

My personal favourites had to be:

fb 1
(Courtesy of:


(Courtesy of:

Has Facebook become overcrowded with parents – and even grandparents?

(Twitter: Alan Garner parody account)

Let us know in the comments below what your parents have done to you on Facebook.

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