Tinder – is it really that bad? And awkward?


Call me a late bloomer, but I had no idea of what Tinder – or tindering – was until a few weeks ago. I downloaded the app because a very dear (not so dear anymore) friend made me. And yes, I know, I’m an adult. I can make my own decisions. Except it sounded fun. Admit it, you like judging people too.


For the few of you that doesn’t know what Tinder is, it’s almost like Internet dating. Except it’s not that bad. Or is it?

Take this example: You’re out with your lads or your girlies, and you end up a little too drunk at one of the many clubs or pubs in Dublin. Then you see him, or her – and it’s basically love at first sight. Or lust, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. The next morning you’re in a cab trying to wipe the mascara and lipstick away, while nervously chatting with the driver. No way he can tell, right? Wrong. He knows, they all know. Maybe you even end up seeing this person again, and when your grandmother asks where you two met, you say through friends. No need to tell her you were drunker than an old sailor, right?

With this in mind, picture you swipe right on this really hot guy. Or girl. After a little chat, you decide to meet for drinks or coffee. I’m sure you’ll still tell your grandmother that you met trough friends, I mean through an app isn’t very romantic, is it? Or classy for that matter. Question is this: Which is worse?

How it works:

Once you’ve downloaded it, you pick your preferences. Then the app will find people around you and make you choose. Swipe left for no, and right for yes.  Take a look at the video Tinderella, if you need clarifying.

What you should be aware of, I’m sure you are – since Tinder is big in Ireland – is that this app is addictive. For everyone.

If you are intrigued to try this very addictive app, there are a few things to remember.

  1. If you can help it, don’t put only group pictures on there. Awkward if someone thinks you are your hot friend, right?
  2. Please have standards. This is for your own good.
  3. When you start looking at it like a game you need to complete – there is no prize at the end. Just the words “there are no new people around you” – I would know.
  4. Don’t use Tinder as a way of showing off. So you travel, huh?
  5. Take breaks. Eventually you’ll be so used to swiping left that you’ll miss out on you perfect match. It’s devastating.

This is a few of the experiences you will have if you’re on Tinder. Read about the other 11 here. Oh, and might I suggest to only open the app when you are alone? That way you’ll avoid the awkwardness of liking the person sitting next to you on the bus.

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