Small Talk Podcast – TikTok, the popular social media platform

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels
Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Tiktok is a very popular social media application that has been around since 2016 under the name TikTok has about 100 million users and on 23 January 2018, the app ranked number one as one of the free mobile apps on the app store.

TikTok bought up and merged all previous account and it became more popular than ever. the platform allows people to make videos from 3 to 60 seconds in length.

A lot of people have jumped on the app to show their creativity and skills. A lot of the users of the app have gotten mainstream popularity with Charli D’Amelio appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Charli D’Amelio is one of the most popular users on the application with 42 million followers on the application she is a force to be reconded with. A lot of celebrities have also gotten on the app to have fun and keep up with fans.

On Small Talk a  podcast with Janette and Reky we talk about TikTok and what it is all about. The podcast has two episodes and you can listen to the first episode down here. The show Small Talk by Rekpene Joseph Okon is also on Spotify.