Irish Craft Ciders

Irish Craft Ciders – Photo: Richard Murphy

With our annual 1 week summer just about to finish, for this week I thought I’d sneak in a review of everyone’s favourite sunny-day tipple – cider! It’s been a while since I’ve had a cider. My experience as a teenager of gorging on 2 litre bottles of Stonehouse down the pier may have influenced my opinion, but thankfully my budget and sensibilities have grown in the interim years.

So continuing in the vain of reviewing cider without the wank-terminology employed by my sommelier friends, I bring you three Irish craft ciders that you must drink this weekend…

1. Stonewell Dry Irish Craft Cider

Stonewell Dry Irish Craft Cider

Stonewell Dry Irish Craft Cider – Photo: Richard Murphy

They Say:

“Stonewell Dry Cider draws its character from the Dabinett & Michelin varietals which are the sole cider ingredient. Far crisper than its medium dry sibling it is a rich bronze in colour with a hint of caramel finish.”

I say:

Beats Stonehouse anyway! No, in fairness this is the only dry cider of the three and sure enough it is that much crisper than the other two medium drys. Some people won’t be able to tell the difference between this and Cidona, but then these same people will be of the ilk that like to take their top off at the slightest hint of sun. This is a classy and delish cider reserved for classier folk and beautiful sunny afternoons.

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2. MacIvors Medium Cider

MacIvors Medium Cider

MacIvors Medium Cider – Photo: Richard Murphy

They Say (not much other than):

“Mac Ivor’s medium cider pours pale gold with a lively carbonation. sweet red apple flavours give this fresh and fruity cider a clean, crisp finish. After pressing the most fragrant apple varities and using cold-fermenting yeast to preserve their aroma, we blend the matured ciders to achieve a perfect balance.”

I Say:

Now we’re talking, this is sweet and applely, no really! Other ciders can be too bitter or too sweet – this is balanced perfectly. In fact you wouldn’t possibly know you’re drinking alcholol… I’m pretty sure I could give this to my tee-totaller mother (I know crazy), who being from a rather salubrious suburb has the most discerning of tastes, and even she would neck this down like a Stonehouse how-a-ya fishing off the pier. In fact might  have to try fool her this weekend…

I should also point out, this cider is actually amazing – favourite non-beer drink!

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3. Scotts Medium Dry Irish Cider

Scotts Medium Dry Irish Cider

Scotts Medium Dry Irish Cider – Photo: Richard Murphy

They Say:

“A natural product made from Irish grown apples Scotts Cider is a great alternative to wine with poultry, seafood, pork, and mild cheese.  Pours a clear, bright and deep golden colour with aromas of cider apples and a hint of straw.  On the palate enjoy a complex fruity taste with a warm, refreshing honey flavour and a short light sparkle.  It is balanced with natural nectar sweetness married with a long sharp finish. This cider is on the sweet side of dry and is medium bodied, with a trace of cider apple smokiness.”

I Say:

To be honest, I bought this because of the rather cool two stags headbutting the shit out of each other on their label – turns out it’s a rather quality cider too! Their slogan “A Force of Nature” could be slightly misleading as you might expect to be rooted up the arse with an antler during your first sip. No, instead of a wham bam this turns out to be another really nicely balanced mix of sweet and proper delish apple that is spot on.

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