Rally for choice is the first protest since last July concerning the Women Rights in Ireland.

March on Merion Square - Photo credit Jeremy Chassang

March on Merion Square – Photo credit Jeremy Chassang

There were thousands of people in the streets of Dublin on Saturday singing for the death of the 8th amendment about Ireland’s abortion laws.

The protest started at the Garden of Remembrance at the beginning of the afternoon and progressed all around the city centre, through O’Connell Street and Pearse Street, back to Merrion Square, the meeting area.

“Time to Act”, “Rally For Choice”, “My body, my choice, my rights” or “Women Sailing is Ireland Failing” were the main messages of the people protesting. Association and political groups also joined the demonstration with prominent representation from Abortion Rights Campaign, The Coalition to Repeal the 8th, The Union of Students in Ireland, as well as many left-wing political entities as the Social Democrats and The Communist Party of Ireland.

More than 30,000 people

Garda was claiming than probably more than 30,000 people came for the event. Marchers are asking for an early referendum on the Eighth Amendment to provide an equal position to the life of the pregnant women and the unborn. In 2014, UNO was accusing Ireland of violation of the human rights because of the abortion laws, they asked at this moment to organize again a new referendum. Sarah a student following the Union of Students group is still gobsmacked by the situation, ” I could travel during my studies, and I saw that in all Western countries and in the rest of the world, abortion is no longer an issue. ” She adds ” I don’t know how can Ireland be stuck by a so small issue, let’s just vote again. ”

Repeal the 8th protest on Merion Square - Photo credit Jeremy Chassang

Repeal the 8th protest on Merion Square – Photo credit Jeremy Chassang

There was no reports of flashpoints, or counter-demonstration this time like in July 2017 when anti-abortion groups decided to appear on the same route as a “Repeal the 8th” protest. Stephen in his wife was wearing their sweatshirts “Repeal” on Saturday following the demonstrators, this couple has a child but they wanted to come to protest too, Stephen explain “We had a child with my wife because we wanted, not because we were forced too, on my own that’s a torture to force a women having a child.”

During more than two hours, protesters were singing in the street to make everyone understand the situation. The most current song of the protesters was « Hey, hey, Leo, the Eighth Amendment has to go » in relation to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s position on the issue.