Thought for Thursday…Is there anything left?



When a student wakes from their slumber, Facebook and Twitter are usually checked, to try and see what has come over the world or what was the latest scandal to descend on their newsfeed in the few hours’ sleep they have managed to obtain.

As I checked my own Facebook this morning, one friend’s status caught my eye, which had gone up overnight …

“Sh*t is going down in the Dáil as we speak. Legislation is being rushed through that will cripple this country for generations to come. On a more positive note, flights to Australia and America are at an all-time low so I think I’m gonna have a think about whether or not I can justify staying here anymore. F**k this sh*t!”

This was to do with the slumber party that was held last night in the Dáil, where a deal was struck to liquidate former Anglo Irish Bank, now known as the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC).

What we have known for a long time is that the country has gone under like the Titanic, and it is the current college students and recent graduates that seem to be on, or searching for lifeboats to take us someplace else that guarantees our future and safety.

A recent video uploaded by filmmaker Matthew Johnston today shows the magnificence of Dublin City by a man leaving it behind , beautifully embracing what the city of Dublin had given him in his years here. But to me, the video is made to celebrate what the city had given to yet another person getting up and leaving.

And the YouTube hit video by Kennedy Films Ltd I’m just saying sums up what the emigration generation is going through.

There’re ten good reasons to go, but a thousand tiny ones not to…and I don’t know which one is which anymore”. Reasons to stay range from the thought of leaving our families and missing the town we grew up in.  Not wanting to miss out proudly standing on Hill16 in Croke Park on a hazy Sunday afternoon, right down to the thought of not being able to devour a Cadburys Dairy Milk bar of chocolate. The desire to leave is not only because we might have to but more that we want to. We know that there is a different type of culture and world to live in, and at this stage in Ireland’s determination for survival, no event or chocolate bar will stop us from trying to reach that far away destination.

But the one video that after watching made me go straight to look at flights, was made by a friend of mine, Ciaran O’Connell.  In ‘Saluting New York City’ he captures everything about NYC that you have ever imagined real or possible.  After watching, you will have to try a reason to convince yourself not to go.

And so the Thought for Thursday is this…Is there anything really left for us students here in Ireland? Or do we already know the answer deep down that after graduation day we are all venturing off.

For the emigration generation, we now crave more than the nightlife that we experienced in our college years; we want more for our careers than the now empty office buildings can give us. We are fully aware that the line for prosperity for ourselves and our future begins at the boarding gates of the airport. Our choice is to stand in line there rather than the dole queue.

It’s difficult not to hear the shore of Bondi Beach whispering your name, or the blinding light of New York trying to catch your attention. Looking past the final exams and deadlines that will cripple us all in May, the real world will suck us in. No longer will we have the security of having something to return to in September and so we blissfully devour each day of the summer that we can. We are all heading into free-fall, the unknown beneath us, and the exciting and slightly sad part is that for the majority of us, it is not the cobbles of Temple Bar that we want our feet to land on, but the beautiful soil of a foreign land instead.

Let me know what your Thursday Thoughts are about leaving Ireland after college, or if you have already left, tell us what your own reasons were.


  1. Brilliant article Sue! Some really important points here. I know that I’m planning to leave Ireland once I graduate, to give myself more options. It’s sad that it’s gotten to a point where many of us feel like we have no choice.

  2. Slumper Party…hahaha just thinking of Enda Kenny in slipper socks and a onesie…my thought for Thursday!!

  3. Great stuff!! I was only discussing it with a mate today that we want to go get away for a while and then settle back here in the later years!

  4. Thanks guys, no matter how much they try to make things sound like they are getting better, I think students pretty much know that the only place to be is on the other side of the world.

  5. Well said…. My brother is a fully qualified electricion and cannot get work anywhere so is in the middle of applying for a visa for Australia!! He’ll be gone in the next couple of months…… It’s horrible to think that people have to leave the their home country when they would rather not…. Things have gotten so bad!!!

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