Ezequiel Lavezzi / chao1989

Ezequiel Lavezzi / chao1989 (Flickr)

Tonight and tomorrow will be the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League. In a few hours, the Real Madrid will be facing the Atletico Madrid (a 100% Spanish game) and Monaco will play against Turin Juventus. On wednesday evening, the most interesting clash will be between Paris-Saint-Germain  and Barcelona and the last game will be Bayern Munich against FC Porto. But as always, pubs will be overcrowded by men while women will stay at home cooking (sorry for the cliché).

Women have every reasons in the world to start enjoying football. First, the rules are simple. No need to spend hours trying to understand what is happening on the pitch when you are a beginner. Two teams, two goals and players can only play with their feet. I one day you have tried to understand Gaelic football or even rugby, regular football’s rules will seem to be so pleasant…

Following football championships is always an advantage for conversation around the coffee machine or at the pub. Having a very boring date and nothing to say ? You can still fill the conversation with a “What do you think about the last Chelsea game? I hate José Mourinhos!”. Moreover, men always like a girls that knows her football. “They are more passionate”, told me a friend. “It is so sexy when a girls says offside!”, said another one.

Watching a football game is also a chance to spend a nice moment with friends. There is one of them ready to bet against you (and lose because girls are always right).

Then if you start enjoying football on TV, why not play a game for real? Girl teams are not so hard to find and even some kind men will accept to let you play with them. Ninety minutes on a football pitch represents almost  1,000 calories! Time to stop paying for a fitness room don’t you think?

Finally, men always joke about girls that watch football and only make comment players’ haircut. Yes, handsome men sweating on a pitch are always agreeable to watch. But this is what men do when they watch feminine American football or any other sport where women are almost naked.

Here is my little top 5 of Champions league quarter finalists:

1- Thiago Silva (PSG)

Thiago Silva / Fotos Flu (Flickr)

Thiago Silva / Fotos Flu (Flickr)







2 – David Luiz (PSG)







3- Ezequiel Lavezzi (PSG)

Ezequiel Lavezzi / C.Gavelle (PSG)

Ezequiel Lavezzi / C.Gavelle (PSG)







4 – Javier Pastore (PSG)

Javier Pastore / C.Gavelle (PSG)

Javier Pastore / C.Gavelle (PSG)







5- Yohan Cabaye (PSG)






Cristiano Ronaldo who ?