Thinking about a short break? Find out if Vienna is a good option for you

Rathaus at Night

Four months into the year and I bet it already feels like we have been through six, well at least considering the amount of work, projects and essays we all have been through. Don’t you feel like you need a break?

I know must of us won’t have this option right now, but if you are a lucky person who can leave all that behind and have a short get away, find out here a little bit more about Vienna as it may be a good option.

It is not summer yet, so sun, beach and cocktails are still not on the menu, although some countries are already pretty hot, it is not high season just yet.

At around this time last year I visited Vienna and the city is so enchanting that if I had an option I would for sure be there right now.

The weather this year is a lot warmer (around 16 degrees), so you probably won’t have the chance to see the snow neatly complementing the scenery as I did. I mean it when I say neatly, because it was snowing during the night and in the morning the pavements and streets were promptly cleared and you could safely walk anywhere. It looked like the snow was purposefully placed in there, like a scene inside a snow globe.

The organisation in clearing the pathways reflects exactly how the rest of the city looked, organized. There is public transport everywhere, the signs and maps are clear even for those who don’t speak the language, the Tourist Information is fast and efficient and the tourist points also have an organized system to receive visitors.

A lot of the attractions are focused on Mozart as it is expected, but there is so much more to see, beautiful gardens, lots of museums in close proximity, restaurants and shops; There are attractions for every taste and age.

Opera House - Vienna
Opera House – Vienna – Photo by: Juliana Borges

If you want to watch an Opera Concert at the Opera House you should book in advance, however the standing ticket sales does not open until few hours before it begins, so you still have a chance to see great pieces as Fidelio or Parsifal. The position of the cabin for a standing audience offers a good view, it is directly in line of the stage and has a good hight as the ground rises. The only problem is that it gets full and you have to stand for the entire piece.

There is so much to see that it would be impossible to include it all here, so I am adding some pictures just to give you a taste and inspire you to visit this amazing city.

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Have you been there? Are you visiting it any time soon? Let me know how your trip was…

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