The worst case of animal cruelty

Photo by: Mdk572
Photo by: Mdk572
Photo by: Mdk572


The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) daily deals with all kinds of animal cruelty. One type is according to the organisation particularly worrying.

– We generally speak of four different types of animal cruelty. The worst will be where people have been deliberately cruel, and unfortunately we have many terrifying stories of deliberate cases of animal cruelty, says head of education and media at the DSPCA Gillian Bird.

Bird says that they have noticed a general increase in animal cruelty cases. During here many years taking care of unwanted and injured animals, few things are as bad as when they get an animal that has been a victim of deliberate cruelty.

–   We have seen very disturbing cases where people have dipped animals in petrol and set hem on fire, stabbed and kicked them. This is especially horrific and very worrying. It clearly shows a lack of empathy.

Bird says there is a mixture of emotions when she sees an animal that has been a victim of cruelty.

– The first reaction is repulsion, it is horrifying to see that anyone can do such a thing to a helpless animal.  You feel extreme anger as well, because people so often get away with cruelty to animals. Knowing that most people don’t get caught and are still free to continue hurting animals is very disturbing. Also we have to acknowledge the fact that there is a chance that people will go on to hurting humans as well.

Bird has had several education visits to schools all over Dublin, and she clearly recognises when young people are lacking empathy.

–  Some people do not understand that an animal is a living creature that is able to feel pain. When I visit schools I ask them the question; can you feel thirsty, hungry, sad or happy? And then I have to tell them that animals have all of the same feelings as humans do. Some parents have not educated their children on have to treat animals (credit amanda). There is not a long way from hurting animals and going on to hurting people.

Gillian does not believe that Ireland is any worse than other countries when it comes to animal cruelty, but she is not content with today’s situation.

–   I think that there are many places where animal cruelty is worse than here, still i have to admit that the situation is not ideal. I believe education is the key to raising awareness about animal cruelty.


This post will be updated.

I will over the next three weeks be writing about animal cruelty and focus on the consequences for animals after the recession. I will upload interviews with the people and images of the animals at the DSPCA- an organisation that works to prevent animal cruelty.


  1. Good article, Anne. Sad to think about these abused animals. Glad you’re putting focus on this issue. Keep up the good work.

  2. How can they do such a thing . It brings tear to my eye and disapointmant 2 my hart but thank anna fore your very good hart I wich ther is nothing like animal crulltey

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