The Reveal

Daft Punk is set to release their fourth album, ahead of this widely anticipated release the French duo have today revealed artwork from their from the new album on their website also verifying deal with Colmbia record label .

The track “One More Time” was time named ‘Greatest Dance Track Of All Time’ by Mixmag readers and they are widely seen as one of the greatest dance acts of all time.

As a result of their popularity their website has crashed due to the amount of traffic going to site just to get a glimpse of the picture, which is a combination of the two headpieces worn by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Momen-Christo together as one.

Fans of the dance legends are expecting the album release sometime in the Spring in collaboration with Nile Rogers.

The Fackbook of Daft Punk which is not updated regularly was updated three hours ago with the picture and is now currently at 58,338 likes and 837 comments including comments “novella album”, “Ugh I can’t wait for the magical new album to take over my soul” amongst the hundreds of other comments.

The dance act have had a great following around the world since the late 90s and are clearly still highly regarded on the dance scene with the interest of this release.

I personally can not wait can you?

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