The Producers: Students to Perform Timeless Musical at Ad Astra Hall

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This week there will be a performance in UCD of one of the most iconic comedy films of all time, The Producers. It is being performed in the Ad Astra Hall from the 8th until the 10th of April and will no doubt, be a performance worth seeing.

The Producers was made famous during the late 1960’s due to the motion picture that was created by director and writer Mel Brooks. Furthermore, it was also the performance that earned Gene Wilder an Oscar for best supporting actor. In 2001, it was made into a Broadway musical and was a smash hit worldwide.

The Producers is the story of two failing Producers that come up with a scheme where they figure it would be significantly more profitable to create a Broadway flop rather than try and make an actual Broadway success. However, along the way they run into some serious and outrageously hilarious issues.

It is a script that will have you on the floor laughing start to finish. It creates seamless one liner’s in moments of utter chaos, and the music will have you humming the tune for days after. It is far and away one of the most iconic musical comedies of the modern day.

Here is a clip from the box office hit in 1968:

With the upcoming production in UCD approaching fast, I caught up with one of the actors of the show David Moriarty. We discussed the event, the inspiration of previous performances as well as the hilarity of the production.

“It is pretty outrageous; there are not many productions like this in the world.” The venue itself is small and intimate and can really allow the audience to connect with the actors.

It is an amazing cast and we really are trying to emulate the 2001 production by Mel Brooks.

This production will is highly anticipated in UCD and will no doubt be a hit with the students. If you are interested in these types of productions this will certainly be worth a watch. The show will be running from the 8th until the 10th of April in the Ad Astra Hall. Book your ticket as soon as possible to not miss out.

What is the best musical you have ever seen?  

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