The Past Year In College

It is coming to the end of a college year with plenty of highs and lows, up and downs and whatever else can make you feel seasick. There comes a point however where you have to look back and examine all the things that have made this year something different and special. I am writing this peice so everyone will hopefully take a minute to sit back and realise the great moments that you have experienced this year. So I will share with you my moments of the past eight months and I would like you to comment below and tell me some of your best moments from the past college year.

1: The start of college is always going to be memorable but when you come back up to move into your new abode (by the end of the year I call it my pit) it’s always fun with new surroundings. Then of course you decide to head out to the clubs (Coppers) to get a feel for the place. The feeling when you come across three of your Swedish friends in the same club, on the same night, unaware they are back from their homeland is one that really kick-starts your year. Better than a jagerbomb would start your heart. You also can’t beat blasting out to these guys on the Coppers dance floor either.

Oh yeah.

2: There is always fun times to be had at your make-shift  home when you’re up in college and our house was no different. Three guys, very comfortable with their sexuality constantly testing each other’s boundaries by spooning and pretend shifting (snogging, scoring, shofting, kissing etc). I would like to note no boundaries were broken… other then that one time where we broke the bed.

3: The simple pleasures in college have to be savoured, like coming in and seeing smiling faces at you everyday. This is something pretty motivational when it comes to making you get up for college. A standard hug to greet you in the morning can be as impacting as a huge night out out with everyone. So keep that in mind when you’re thinking of your own best moments.

4: Halloween is always a great time of year. This time I had to live up to the standard of being dressed up as a road in 2011 aka “Road Kill”. I somehow managed to keep to the theme of using my name to emphasise my costume by going as Killian Morphy…


Say hello to Killian Morphy. Classy right??

5: Possibly the best time I have had in college came in and around Christmas. So many things happened. I had my first Delorentos concert, I met up with friends I hadn’t set eyes on in months and dressed up like a tool…

Douchey claus

Santa and The Green Goblin.

6: 2013 brought my 21st year. The highlight of my life so far. Something that showed me how many great, fun and weird friends I have. It just so happened to fall on the same day the world’s cardinals went into their conclave to select a new Pope. Me, sitting at the top of a long table and the cardinals are picking a leader of the Catholic Church coincidence? I think not! Although the flashy 21st badge wouldn’t have helped me.


We decided to instagram the shit out of the people instead of the food.

7: The latest moment to add to this years scrapbook would have to be the Trinity College Ball. As one of my friends said; ” the organisers must have pondered what bands does Killian like?”  It was something I always wanted to experience whilst in college and I finally got to tick it off my to-do list.

There is still the Griffith Ball to come and maybe a send off or two, to some of the best people you could possibly ask to share three years of college with, so we’ll just have to add that to the scrapbook at a later date. So please share some of your best moments in the comment section and lets relive the best time of our lives.



  1. Highlight of the Year: Having the shame of a blacked out night eased by some spooning and a day on the sofa watching friends with the one person who always makes me feel better about life 🙂

  2. That night we went to Diceys and you rearranged their valentines decorations! We had a blast before that. Just dancing, drinking, laughing as we always do. I believe a few “I love you so much man” were said between all of us in the grouo. Such a feel-good night!

    • Rearranged is a great word for it haha! I was simply dancing with the lampshade ok ha! that was a great night indeed!! I love you man!! 🙂

  3. I’m from Kilbeggan…We have a you not know where that is?? The very first day of college…. I’m going to miss those days!! :/

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