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Night flexing(enjoyment) as it is fondly called in Nigeria is not complete without Suya. Suya is a spicy roasted meat made from slaughtered cow,we also have Chicken suya and Ram suya. A Street food that has been around for decades, enjoyed by both the young and old. The hausas of the northern part of nigeria are known for suya making, often referred to as “aboki” . An aboki puts in alot of effort in making sure his suya is ready before the night comes, he must prepare his slaughtered cow, the meat diced into smaller sizes,spiced and put in wooden long grill sticks, he must now allow it marinate for several hours and then perfectly roast the meat. It is almost impossible to walk on any street in Nigeria at night without seeing roadside Suya grilling stands, the stands are mostly the busiest from mid- evening until late at night. It is expected that because of its popularity in Nigeria, Suya would be seen more often in intercontinental restaurants. Some of them have suya on the menu but nothing actually beats the taste of roadside aboki Suya. Nigerian suya is said to look similar to shish kebabs, however they are totally different meals in terms of taste. Nigerian Suya is garnished and served with a lot of onions,tomatoes cucumber and pepper. You hardly find a Nigerian who does not know about or enjoy suya, for most working class Nigerians , university students especially, Suya is the “go to” night meal. Suya is very affordable, a stick of spicy roasted suya goes for as low as 1 euro. Suya is best served with chilled orange juice or red wine.

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