The Most Strangest Funerals in the World

It’s truly hard to reconcile with death of our beloved ones. Some people turn funerals into something absurd, strangely showy, lushy and even creepy.

Celebrities’ funerals happen to be translated via TV, a lot of fans attend to say one last goodbye to their favourite singers or actors. But some funerals are really outstanding.


Boxer is on the ring even after his death

Boxer is on the ring even after his death

Even being dead Puerto guy named Christopher Rivera Amaro looks likes he is ready to fight. Farewell ceremony too it’s place in February, 2014. A funeral home administration claims that Christopher’s family wanted to immortalize his will to box.

Ghost rider. 

Love for bikes is immortal

Love for bikes is immortal

This man was riding his bike on his own farewell ceremony. David Morales Colon actually asked his parents not to burry him a normal coffin. His passion for motorbikes was immortalized by the same funeral home in San-Juan.

Standing man.

Just standing here, don't worry

Just standing here, don’t worry

 And again Puerto-Rico excites with diversity of weird funerals. The dead man was embalmed in a special way, so the body would stand in corner for 4 days in his mother’s house.

Harley Davidson – style.

On it's last highway, driving to cemetery

On it’s last highway, driving to cemetery

 As it’s seen, Billy Standly from Ohio wanted the whole world to remember his funerals. So he decided to ride his bike on the “highway to hell”.

Yellow dress for a friend. 

The last will of a friend is sacred

The last will of a friend is sacred

Friend’s last will is something you will do anyways. Two British soldiers, Barry and Kevin made a strange agreement – if someone dies, the other one attends to his funeral in a yellow dress. In 2009 Kevin Elliot was killed while on duty. Barry attended funeral and farewell ceremony – by agreement – in a yellow dress.


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