The Leonardo Di Caprio conundrum – all substance and no Oscar?

Photo Credit, Filippo (Flickr)

Leonardo Di Caprio has come to be seen as one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood. In addition he has shunned the easy route to success of romantic films that many expected of him after his role in Titanic.  Instead he has played a myriad of intense, fascinating and varied characters including gun runners, fugitives and presidents.  Normally such a diverse and accomplished resume would be enough to secure at least one Oscar however the opposite has proved true.  Despite being nominated three times, acknowledgment from the Academy continues to elude him.

Many have tipped the recent Wolf of Wall Street to be the role that will finally win Di Caprio his long awaited Oscar.  Few actors could pull off a character as reprehensible as Jordan Belfort so successfully and make such an unpleasant character so pleasing to watch. This skilful performance has already been recognised with a Golden Globe. However whilst an Oscar may be deserved this victory is far from certain.  Don’t forget last year he was widely perceived as a certainty for his stellar portrayal of a ruthless plantation owner in Django Unchained, in fact he didn’t even receive a nomination.

Photo Credit, Filippo (Flickr)
Leonardo Di Caprio, Photo Credit, Filippo (Flickr)

While many actors play variations of themselves, Di Caprio has proved capable of taking on any role with ease.  In addition he has starred in an impressive number of classic and award winning films. So with such stellar performances and excellent choice of films what’s the problem?  The main things that seem to be preventing the Academy from recognising Di Caprio’s worth is the lingering association of his child star and pretty boy status.  Whatever the reason, it is clear that Di Caprio’s body of work disproves any argument that he is unworthy of this accolade.

Funny or die brilliantly depict the pain of this ongoing rejection from the Academy in video clip below. A hilarious parody trailer of Di Caprio’s film J. Edgar titled  “L. DiCaprio,” The trailer depicts DiCaprio in a state of rage endlessly pursuing the Oscar the Academy refuses to award him.


Let’s hope this year is finally his year.  The time is surely right if not long overdue for him to finally get the career recognition he deserves.

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