At the blog “The Dogist“, Elias Weiss Friedman portrays everyday New Yorkers in all shapes, colors and sizes. His street photography of dogs has almost 700,000 followers on social media. The estimated 600,000 dogs of New York bring character to the city that mostly aim its spotlight on celebrities and fashionistas. Friedman wanted to introduce the four legged New Yorkers to the world, giving them the recognition they deserve.

While there are more dogs on Manhattan than people living in Dublin City, Ireland is a nation of dog lovers. Research by University College Dublin from 2009 found that 36% of homes in Ireland have a dog. Only 10% have cats.

Here are some of the Irish pooches in the streets and parks of Dublin:

Snoopy - Photo by: Madeleine Delp Bergsjø

Snoopy, 3 year old Paterdale Terrier at Kings Inns Park, D1.
“He normally has a mohawk, but he just got a haircut. Everyone here loves him. For Paddy’s day he had a green mohawk”.

Tevez - Photo by: Madeleine Delp Bergsjø

Tevez, 7 year old Westhighland Terrier at Island Street, D8.
“He is very playful, settled and happy. He loves his squeaky toys”.

Judi and Bran - Photo by: Madeleine Delp BergsjøJudi, 19 months old Miniature Poodle and Bran, 1 year old Irish Wheaten Terrier
at Kings Inns Park, D1.
“Judi’s a real personality. Bran’s a show dog, he just came 2nd at a show this weekend!”

Lost - Photo by: Madeleine Delp Bergsjø

Cross breed pug with smelly farts at Island Street, D8.
My dog must have eaten the note with his name and age on it.

Dudley - Photo by: Madeleine Delp Bergsjø

Dudley, 3 year old Bijon Frisé at Kings Inns Park, D1.
“We call him cuddly-Dudley. He’s a rescue dog, he was abandoned in a garden, so we took him. He’s very happy now”.

All photos by Madeleine Delp Bergsjø.