The best coffee shops to work next to Griffith College Dublin

Peacock green's matcha latte
Peacock green's matcha latte

It’s never really easy to concentrate on something you have to do when you stay in the same room all day. Then, the best way to find inspiration, is often to get out. But it’s not easy to find a place where you can stay for hours with your laptop and with a good wi-fi connection. So, if you need to work, or if you simply want to chill and read a book somewhere away from your roommates, if you don’t feel like staying once more in the college’s canteen, nothings better than finding a little cafe to sit and sip a good coffee.

Here is a little list of 6 places next to school where you can hang out in these cases :

Peacock green
Peacock green – Photo credit Florence Schwartz

Peacock Green : a really nice cafe, 15 minutes walking from college. This place is very quiet

Peacock green's matcha latte
Peacock green’s matcha latte

during the afternoons since it’s located essentially next to offices, it’s the perfect spot to work quietly. Their wifi works very well and their cakes stand looks fab. Open from 7:30 to 5pm every days, closed on week-ends.

Upsides : Wifi works well, not crowded in the afternoons.

Downsides : Music can seem a bit loud to people who likes to work in a very quiet environment, no gluten free options except if you’re in the mood for a soup with no bread.

Peacock Green & co, Hatch street Upper, Station Building, Dublin 2 


Wall & Keogh
Wall & Keogh – Photo credit Florence Schwartz

Wall & Keogh : celiac‘s paradise, here all the cakes are gluten free ! They have an amazing

Wall & Keogh
Wall & Keogh

collection of teas and some awesome tasteful coffees you really need to try. The place is a bit tiny but in the afternoons there’s always a way to find somewhere to sit downstairs. Open from 8:30 to 8pm everyday except week-ends from 11 to 7pm.

Upsides : obviously their pastries, and their matcha and chocolate cake !

Downsides : sometimes the music is a bit loud.

Wall & Keogh, 45 richmond St, Portobello, Dublin 2 


Grove road
Grove road – Photo credit Florence Schwartz

Grove Road : right on the quay, this place is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a place to think. Very sunny and well located. The staff there is always helpful and the ambiance is great to work. Open from 7:30 to 6pm every day, 9 to 4:30pm on Saturdays and 10 to 3:30pm on Sundays.

Upsides : gluten free pastries here too, they also serve Wall & Keogh’s teas, mostly quiet during the afternoons, sometimes even empty.

Downsides : it gets easily crowded at the end of working hours

Grove road, 1 Lower Rathmines road, Dublin 6 


The Fumbally
The Fumbally – Photo credit Florence Schwartz

The Fumbally : an awesome cafe, a little bit arty, or hipster as you wish, this place looks like the famous vintage cafes of Berlin : a bit offbeat but definitely awesome. Their food is great, they also

The Fumbally at lunch time
The Fumbally at lunch time

serve wall & keogh’s teas and generally have a few gluten free cakes too. You can also eat there (just as the other places actually), but here the food is very fresh and the kitchen is open on the cafe. The prices may seem a bit high on some dishes, however, they really not seem to be bothered whenever you ask them to make your meal gluten free which is definitely a plus. Open from 8 to 5pm every day, 10 to 5pm on Saturdays, closed on Sundays.

Upsides : big space and great decoration, good wifi, apparently well known for their falafel

Downsides : a bit noisy at lunch time, maybe a bit expensive on food,

another downside for meat lovers : most of their food are vegetarians ! 

The Fumbally, Fumbally lane, new street, Dublin 8


HX46 cafe
HX46 cafe – Photo credit Florence Schwartz

HX46 cafe : Probably a bit unknown, this place is very near from school too. They serve pan asian food, so there is a big chance that you find something you’ll love, and for a very affordable price

Chicken sesame at HX46
Chicken sesame at HX46

(between 6 and 12€ for the most expensive). Their wifi works great and the place is mostly quiet during the afternoons. Their teas are very good too and the staff is very nice. Open from 8:30 to 10pm every day, 9 to 10pm Saturdays and 10 to 10pm Sundays.

Upsides : cheap and delish, good wifi, nice spot

Downsides : haven’t found any yet…

HX46 cafe, 46 Harold’s cross road, Dublin 6W


Noshington's cafe
Noshington’s cafe – Photo Credit Florence Schwartz

Noshington cafe : this is not the coziest of the quoted places in this article, but still, this is a nice place right across the street of Griffith, usually quiet during the afternoons. Open from 8:30 to 7pm every day, from 10 to 7pm on saturdays, from 10 to 6 pm sundays

Upsides : not too far to go, a few gluten free pastries

Downsides : the music can be a bit loud here too.

Noshington’s cafe, 186S circular Road, Dublin 8


All photo credits to Florence Schwartz


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