The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review


The highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man was finally released this week.  As a Marvel fanatic, I was more than excited for this movie. I certainly had far higher hopes for the new sequel than I did for the preceding film. For many reasons this movie looked like it would be a vast improvement over the first one.

For anyone out there who isn’t too familiar with the Marvel universe you might be getting sick of all of these seemingly unnecessary Spider-Man reboots but let me explain; These aren’t simply remakes of the previous films. The “original” Spider-Man movies starring Tobey Maguire focus on different aspects and sections of the comics. The previous “Spider-Man” films didn’t go down particularly well with fans of the comics but this reboot seems to be getting a much better reception.

For the most part I would accredit this to the new cast. Andrew Garfield makes a more charismatic and humorous Spider-Man. Of course a major aspect of The Amazing Spider-Man films is the introduction of fan favourite, Gwen Stacey. We saw Gwen briefly in Spider Man 3 played by Bryce Dallas Howard back in 2007 but many were unhappy with the casting of that role. Again, if you aren’t so familiar with the comics, you have to understand, this is a truly beloved character and finding the right actress to play this role was crucial to the success of this film. However, there’s no question Emma Stone was born to play Gwen. She brings life to the character. They both have a great dynamic on screen and carry the sequel extremely well. Joining Garfield and Stone as the latest villain in Peter Parker’s world is Jamie Foxx. Foxx plays Max Dillon better known by his villain name, “Electro”.

If I had to sum this movie up in one line it would be: looks better than it is. Let me elaborate; I had very high hopes for this film after watching the trailers but I really wasn’t all that impressed. Essentially, the fault doesn’t seem to lie with the casting, nor the acting or even the special effects (although at times they are slightly cartoon-ish). The problem with this film is simply that the script is lacking. Director, Marc Webb does an excellent job with what he has but the storyline seems a little scattered. While I understand the need to set up certain aspects for later film i.e. the introduction of Harry Osborn aka, The new Green Goblin, it seems like this came at the expense of an interesting and dynamic storyline. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is very much just a typical action hero film. It’s enjoyable, but it’s nothing special.

3/5 stars from me.

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