Talk is cheap – Chet Faker new EP
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“Talk is cheap my darling, when you feeling right at home… ” this is what Melbourne-based artist Chet Faker sings in his new EP’s refrain, out this tuesday 11th February.

Downtempo producer Nick Murphy, aka Chet Faker, released his new single this week as a preview of his forthcoming album Built On Glass, out in two months on 11th April, 2014.

The new EP “Talk is cheap” does not disappoint Faker’s fans: from the breaking of the saxophone at beginning to the perfect mix of it with the minimal percussion throughout the song.

The new single remains faithful to Faker’s electronica nature and it also shows a growth in the artist’s style which makes us think that Built on Glass would be as good and powerful as this new release.


The use of the saxophone combined with the electronic keyboards reveals Faker’s passion for Jazz music. The whole song creates and intimate atmosphere and it deeply engages with the listener; it feels like the artist wants to break the glass between himself and the audience by revealing his real nature as the music video expresses this desire. The clip, directed by Toby & Pete, shows Chet breaking the ice with his music and coming to life through his voice and his feelings which bury him again in the earth at the end.

The beauty of the video’s cinematography keeps up with Chet’s voice and gains the audience attention until the last camera shot.

Nothing more to add about Faker’s soulful voice that already awarded him an Australian Independent Records Award for Thinking in Textures in 2012.

Chet Faker started his career only few years ago and he gained major popularity for his cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity; not to forget his recent collaborations with australian electronica instrumentalist and DJ Flume (Drop the Game) and Kilo Kish (Melt). Nonetheless Chet is also familiar with acoustic keyboard as he masterly showed in songs such as Love and Feeling.

His deep voice-timber and the careful extravaganza of the different sounds of his songs are what makes Chet Faker unique.

Chet Faker just announced his European tour dates:

Dublin, Ireland 20 april

Glasgow, UK 23 April

Brighton, UK 27 April

Bristol,UK 28 April

London,UK 29 April

Paris, France 30 April

Amsterdam, Netherlands 2 May

Berlin, Germany 3 May

Cologne, Germany 4 May


For more information about his tour, visit :

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