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“Valhalla is here. So drink fine mead and give no cheer to valkyries like those who came before, you may feel the call you see there´s more to life than to scrawl” Fire, fighting and howling…


How To Celebrate Christmas In Norway

When you tell someone that you’re from Norway, they always respond with these questions: “Oh! It’s very expensive, right?” or “Isn’t it really cold there?” Some people truly believe that we live in some kind…

Lussekatter- Image Credit: Emma-Marie B. Whittaker

Norwegian Christmas Baking Recipes

Are you interested in trying some new recipes this Christmas season, either for yourself or to impress other people? Then this is an article for you. Below you will find three separate traditional recipes that…

Loen Skylift

Loen Skylift: From Fjord To Sky In 5

If you ever go to Norway, I will highly recommend to visit Nordfjord on the west coast. You will find some of the most majestic mountains in Norway there. «Hoven» is one of them and…

Photo Credit: Lars Tiede

Watch The Northern Lights LIVE From Senja

According to Norwegian news site Medier24, Anders Hanssen from VisitSenja has come up with a great idea – making it possible watching the northern lights from Senja in Norway LIVE wherever you are in the…

Lofoten Fiord-Image credit: Emma-Marie B. Whittaker

Lofoten: Svolvær and Henningsvær

The Lofoten archipelago is something you have to visit if you’re planning on travelling to Norway. Peoples’ first associations with the country are either the capital city of Oslo or the other larger cities such…

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