Snapchat Location Filter

Snapchat is a camera but No, not the kind with a flashbulb and a lens cap. It’s a new kind of camera that’s connected to your friends and the world. Over 180 million people use…

Paris' street / Flickr @Amelien Bayle

How passers-by in Paris describe Ireland?

Each nationality and country is seen differently depending on the country. Thus, this month The Circular went to Paris for asking passers-by for words to describe Ireland. Of course, stereotypes & clichés about the Leprichaun’s…

An Immigrant Soulmate!

For most of the readers this article will be a normal, routine and common thing. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But for me and for people like me, it is awkward and something out…

LinkedIn is a great place to network. Photo credit: LinkedIn Newsroom

How LinkedIn is changing recruitment

“I’d say the hardest candidate I ever had to place was for a job in Germany. The company I was recruiting for didn’t have an office there!” says Laura Molony, who has been working in…

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