Equality Photo Credit: Amelia Wells. https://www.flickr.com/photos/speculummundi/

Equality in Irish Sports for Women

What is the problem with women’s sports in Ireland? Well for starters, it doesn’t get enough recognition. If you asked most people in this country to name three players at least on the Ireland rugby…

Female gaze, photo credit: Debbie Ridgard

The female gaze for dummies

An introduction to the female gaze The female gaze is a term that is increasingly being brought up in recent years. Before delving into the entire concept that is the female gaze, we have to…

Feminism if for everyone slogan. Credits Kavitha Manimaharan

You Are Not a Feminist, If…..

First of all, what is feminism? According to Hilde Lindermann, an American philosophy professor at the University of Michigan it is an ideology that believes men and women are equal and that gender isn’t a barrier…

Two Taiwanese girls playing - Photo Credit: Mathilde Renault

What it is like to be a woman in Taiwan

By Mathilde Renault,  political science student living in Taiwan. The next Taiwanese presidential elections will take place in January 2016, and the new president could be a woman. Taiwan is a small island on the…

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