Rugby player making a break with the ball. Photo Credit: Lisa Omarali

Can you be a sportsperson and a vegan?

Veganism is rising in Ireland and around the globe. There are a number of reasons why those who lead a vegan lifestyle choose to do so, these include health, animal welfare and environmental consciousness. But can…

Hammerhead Thai - Credit: Andrej Vrican

Hammerhead thai boxing and fitness gym set to re-open

Prominent Muay Thai and fitness gym “Hammerhead Muay Thai” returns to business after a prolonged 1-year interval. Hammerhead, a homegrown gym from Dublin city , is known for its’ high standard, traditional style thai boxing methods…

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu – Fight like a girl

Empowerment, confidence, lifestyle – why women should consider taking Jiu Jitsu into their routine. You are a woman making your way through the city in the twilight hours and the street is eerily quiet to the point that you…

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