Best Brunch in Dublin 8

Exit the Arthur Cafe, it’s time to take a real break out of Griffith College! As a new international student, I know that we are not expert of the ‘place to go’ in the city…

Anna, Shane, and Ciara who run Dublin's Bello Bar - Photo: Bello Bar

The Down Low At Dublin 8’s Bello Bar

Tucked away just-off Portobello Bridge and under The Lower Deck is one of Dublin’s most recent rising venues.  With it’s refurbished furniture, exclusive backbone, and tailored events, Bello Bar is being revived from the old…

Dublin City. Photo Credit: Paolo Trabattoni

Monday Nights Dublin

Monday is no one’s favourite day. It rears its ugly head far too quickly and then the day can drag by, leaving you on your 3rd cup of coffee by 12 o’clock; questioning how you…

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