Townie or Culchie? The Early Years

The Urban/Rural divide in Ireland is something that has been there since Waterford was founded in 914. Being the first city in Ireland locals would have had easier access to services than those who were…

Overgrown doorway in a former farm out house. Photo Credit - Author's Own

Through the Lens: Donegal’s Ancient Ruins

The Irish landscape is scattered with ruins of big houses, cottages and farm out houses in overgrown fields, falling into disrepair. Often out of sight of locals, the derelict buildings are slowly becoming an eyesore…

Irish Surfing: Our best kept secret?

Ireland may be world renowned for its outdoor activities, but when one thinks surfing they don’t necessarily picture an array of blustery beaches and sleepy villages normally frequented by summer day-trippers. However, there exists a…

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