Volunteer delivering a meal, Photo Credit Sadbh Maguire

Meals on wheels in a changing environment

The Circular met Mary Hickey, the Meals on Wheels (MoW) co-ordinator for the Ranelagh Rathmines(working from Beechwood community centre) area for a coffee and to have a chat about Meals on Wheels. For the past…

Is Catholicism alive or dead ?

Who will teach us the word of God and the life of a Catholicism ? Over the year’s society has changed in mind, body, soul, and spirituality. Like many young Irish Catholicism is constantly explored…

WatchTower Jehovah's Witnesses (wikipedia)

A former Jehovah’s Witness Review

Jehovah’s Witnesses sometimes risk their lives to uphold their beliefs. In order to respect their religion, they are ready to go very far.      ‘In my head, I was in jail’. Emma, a French…

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